Phew, while Pen’s busy, that energetic young girl with the nice white hair, I’d like to say a few things. Yes, my name is Basil. Yes, I am the artist that illustrates and writes all the comics you’ll find here. I post new content every week. I hope that you can come here to jump out of reality for a bit and take a break, I know everyone here will openly welcome you. Above you can see just a small few of the characters that will feature in future comics. Take your time, explore the site, get to know these characters as I have, and I know you’ll fall in love them. I certainly did.

Check back every Thursday for new content!!

Disclaimer: I tend to get busy with my family, two part time jobs, and my schooling, so if comics are late, I apologize. However, if I can’t post a new comic I’ll at the very least post somethings about one of the characters or something along those lines, so there should be new content. Whether or not it’s a comic depends on how busy I get with other aspects of my life.

Email: cowcomicstrip@gmail.com

Instagram: catcowcomicstrip

Twitter: CowComic

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